The BeyondReview Discovery Center: Best-in-Class Facility for Precision Review

The BeyondReview Discovery center provides a scalable, secure and state-of-the-art facility for the conduct of legal discovery and review.  Located in Houston, Texas and easily accessible from all locations within the Houston Metropolitan area, Discovery Center capabilities and amenities include:


1)  A 22,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art review center.

2)  Scalable and configurable workspaces equipped with dual monitor review stations and the latest technology platforms operating on secure networks.

3)  Multiple project management, client and counsel offices and conference rooms.

4) 24/7 carded security and on-site security personnel.

5) Secure parking with escort to vehicles after hours and with a police department storefront on-site.

6) Internet cafe with dual flat screen cable TVs and complimentary coffee.

7) Convenience store and restaurant in facility as well as multiple vending machines for snacks and beverages.


A visual overview of key Discovery Center areas is provided below.

The BeyondReview Discovery Center


Discovery Center Lobby


Discovery Center Review Training and Briefing Area

1-Review Center-Training

Discovery Center Review Space

1-Review Center-Large
1-Review Center-Small

Discovery Center Review Expert Break Room


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BeyondReview is a data-driven discovery services company that uses visual classification technology and expert review attorneys to deliver end-to-end discovery with power, precision and speed.

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