Beginning in New York City on February 3, 2015, LegalTech® provides legal and technology professionals with a comprehensive opportunity to be updated and educated on the latest developments in the world of legal technology.  With over 100 exhibitors sharing their technologies and services with thousands of legal technology practitioners, it is important for electronic discovery service providers to be able to concisely and quickly differentiate themselves from the multitude of offerings and establish their unique value to potential clients.

A New Generation of eDiscovery Services

BeyondReview will be highlighting its recently announced eDiscovery offering during LegalTech throughout the week of February 3-5, 2015, at the London Hotel in New York City. Provided below is a short update on the unique approach and differentiation the BeyondReview Team will be sharing with potential clients during LegalTech.


A Unique Approach to Electronic Discovery from BeyondReview

BeyondReview’s new visual classification enabled services provide clients a complete eDiscovery and document review solution and are delivered in an approach that includes:

  1. Collection: Forensically sound collection and  initial data processing.

  2. Visual Grouping: Completes processing and grouping of visually similar documents.

  3. Assessing Groups: Attorneys assess the potential relevance of document groups for further action.

  4. Applying Concepts: Review attorneys determine potential relevance of documents within groups requiring further review.

  5. Evaluating Sensitive Data: Attorneys identify and consider sensitive data prior to substantive review.

  6. Conducting Substantive Review: Attorneys review potentially relevant documents on the review platform of choice or with BeyondReview’s integrated review tool.

  7. Document Production: Appropriate documents as required.

BeyondReview provides all of the technology and talent, from collection to production supported by discovery experts, project managers and trained review attorneys.


Four Key Differentiators of the BeyondReview Offering

BeyondReview’s new generation eDiscovery services are the only eDiscovery services available that can:

  1. Auto-classify by visual similarity any document type regardless of the presence of text.

  2. Provide a complete, secure and encrypted collection capability enabled by a proprietary collection and storage connector device. The connector device also serves as a forensically sound and completely defensible legal hold repository, allowing organizations to continue regular disposition of in-use files.

  3. Auto-redact all document types based on visual similarity at a rate 15 times faster than traditional manual redaction processes.

  4. Auto-classify and process by visual similarity all email attachments while fully maintaining family relationships. Additionally email processing provides a single instance email conversation chain containing all communications without redundancy.

Schedule a Demonstration Today.

To schedule an online demonstration of BeyondReview’s eDiscovery services based on visual classification, contact us today.  To schedule a meeting with the BeyondReview Team at LegalTech, contact David Lugbauer, Director of Business Development, at 1.713.547.4542 or


About Beyond Review

Founded in 2011 as DW Legal and based in Houston, TX, BeyondReview is a data-driven discovery services company that uses visual classification technology and expert review attorneys to deliver end-to-end discovery with power, precision and speed. 

To learn more about BeyondReview, visit BeyondReview.US and connect with us on Twitter (@BeyondReview) and LinkedIn.


About Visual Classification

Visual classification technology enables data management, analysis and governance tasks by automating the collection, reduction, classification and governance of large volumes of data. Highlighted by Gartner and Forbes, visual classification technology is unique as it supports data reduction and classification of any data file structure, format or type.

To learn more about Visual Classification, visit BeyondReview.US/technology.