Collection and Legal Hold Techniques: How We Accomplish Critical Tasks

BeyondReview’s legal hold approach leverages advanced collection technology to allow corporations to quickly and cost effectively:

  • Automate the collection and retention of legal hold documents with BeyondRecognition Collector Technology.

  • Continue organizational content management and retention policies without the constraints of collected/retained legal hold copies.

  • Accomplish defensible disposal of legal hold documents upon legal release.

This capability enables organizations to comply quickly with preservation holds without interrupting business and retention continuity.

The Data Collector: Empowering Legal Holds

The BeyondReview Data Collector provides a legally sound capability to manage the complete legal hold lifecycle.

What is a”Data Collector”?

A Data Collector is a USB hardware device that connects to a server on the network to collect potentially relevant data from client workstations, server and other file shares. Data Collectors reduce the number of files preserved and speeds the collection process.

The BeyondReview legal hold approach leverages BeyondRecognition-powered Data Collectors to provide corporations with the following benefits:

  • Does Not Collect Known Files. Data Collectors digitally compare all files assessed for collection to a catalog of over 70+ million known files. If any file assessed is a SHA hash duplicate, it is logged via file map and skipped for preservation.

  • Single-Instance Document File Collection. Data Collectors create and maintain a catalog of the SHA hash values from every collected file. Data Collector preserves a single instance of an individual file or document. If multiple collectors are deployed for subsequent collections, they are updated with the latest catalog of collected files prior to deployment. By intelligently avoiding program-related or duplicate files, Data Collectors are typically able to collect drives much larger than the Data Collectors capacity.

  • Faceted Collection. Sometimes where a file is found can be as important as what it contains. When BR identifies a duplicate file, it logs its location so that faceted information can be accumulated for duplicative instances of the same file.

  • Encryption. Data Collectors encrypt and compress preserved files as they are written to the Data Collector to establish an irrefutable digital chain of custody. Data preserved in the manner meets or exceeds US-TS requirements.

  • Inherited Security Model. Data Collectors utilize an inherited security model that has zero impact on client IT systems. There is no software to install and the Data Collector operates in an agent-less fashion.

  • Can Collect from Virtually Any Storage Device or System. Data Collectors can preserve data from virtually any file share or content management system, e.g., SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.

  • Auditing and Reporting. The Data Collector produces a complete report of all files assessed for preservation, excluded Known Files and duplicates. This report also shows metadata from the original file system.

  • Forensically Sound. All preserved information is processed in a forensically sound, file level collection methodology.  All file object metadata is preserved and any file assessed for collection remains undisturbed on the client file share.

The “Data Collector” as a Legal Hold Copy.

Data Collectors can be held indefinitely as the legal hold copy. The Data Collector process is impeccably secure – only a BeyondRecognition server can read or extract the data. This constitutes a reasonable, point-in-time legal hold copy allowing the enterprise to continue regular disposition of the in-use files.

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