BeyondReview is a data-driven discovery services company that uses visual classification technology and expert review attorneys to deliver end-to-end discovery with power, precision and speed.

Three unique things that can immediately increase the efficiency of your projects:

Our Approach

A seven-step approach to reduction and review provides powerful reduction, precision review and extraordinary speed.

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Our Techniques

Unique techniques used by BeyondReview ensure precision handling, reduction and review of text and non-text documents.

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Our Technology

Visual classification technology automates collection and classification of data and supports any file structure, format or type.

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Having a team of eDiscovery attorneys and project managers that have worked on some of the largest eDiscovery cases in history driving the industry’s most advanced data reduction and review technology means projects that start on time, finish on schedule and on budget, and deliver consistent, absolutely defensible productions. The key attributes of the BeyondReview approach to data-driven document review are Power, Precision and Speed.

Nine immediate benefits of the BeyondReview approach to discovery and review:


  • Hardware-scalable visual grouping for enterprise-scale processing.

  • Unified comparison of textual and non-textual documents to process entire collections.

  • Virtually unlimited output formatting, hardware scalable for any deadlines.


  • Collect only what you need – our collector skips program files and duplicates.

  • Review only groupings with mixed relevant and non-relevant documents.

  • Use absolute and relative document zones to apply concepts and apply redactions.


  • Launch review within days of starting to collect documents.

  • Up-front elimination of complete groups of irrelevant document types.

  • Far faster substantive review by allocating documents from the same visually similar groupings to the same attorneys.

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